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More than 1,000 patients have been through ERAS+....

"Its so simple, why doesn't every hospital do ERAS+"

"It gave me a plan of what I could do to help myself"

Supporting Healthcare professionals in delivering ERAS+

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Enhancing recovery after major surgery


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"Innovating to improve outcome" 

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  • Preparing myself for Surgery
  • Recovering from Surgery
  • What to expect during my hospital stay​
  • What services are available to me 

ERAS+ Publishing soon in Anaesthesia medical journal. The ERAS+ quality improvement project implemented at Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundatin Trust (CMFT) has been accepted for publication in the prominent UK anaesthesia journal .

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We are a team of healthcare professionals and previous patients that have come together to help optimise patient preparation and recovery for major surgery.  

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