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ERAS+for your surgery

The ERAS+ mission is to prepare patient and families in the best way possible for major surgery. This allows them to approach the challenge of surgery in a dynamic personalised manner , built around high-quality care in-hospital experience.

Major elective surgery particularly in the context of cancer presents a significant physical and psychological stress for patients and their relatives. A significant number of patients may in turn experience complications including reduced life expectancy for some years after their surgery. Chest complications are the most common significant problem after major surgery.

With the help of healthcare professionals and patients who have undergone surgery previously, we have a produced a new surgical pathway, ERAS+. This is aimed at better equipping patients and their families for preparation and recovery from major surgery. Healthcare workers have been in turn trained in the application of this new pathway to help support patients in their recovery. The ERAS+ pathway builds on the success of the stepped in-hospital surgical programme (ERAS) but expands it to include a period of patient pre-surgery preparation 6 weeks before surgery and post-hospital recovery 6 weeks after. This encourages increased activity, better nutrition, oral healthcare and chest exercises to help reduce chest problems. This is supported with patient/family education through a Surgery School. There is a particular focus on placing the
patient at the centre of their own recovery and supporting them in being dynamic in their own

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