Chest training

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Chest Training

Due to the effects of general anaesthesia on your lungs, there is an increased risk of developing respiratory complications with major surgery. ICOUGH is a respiratory training bundle based on interventions established at Boston Medical Centre shown to reduce respiratory complications. ICOUGH has been designed to help you combat the effects of general anaesthesia on your lungs following surgery.

The ICOUGH structure is explained below:


Following your operation it is advised you continue using your incentive spirometry device until you are mobilising comfortably. You will be encouraged to bring your incentive spirometry device with you to hospital so you can continue chest training following your operation during the recovery period to minimise the risk of a chest infection.

It is also important that you maintain good oral healthcare during the 4-6 week period following your operation. Continue brushing your teeth at least twice daily and continue using an antibacterial mouthwash 10-15 minutes after brushing your teeth.

Following your discharge from hospital, if you experience any chest problems please contact your ERAS+ team or GP as soon as possible.

Barbara Bonvento

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at Wythenshawe hospital.